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Sioux City Growth Organization plans Innovation Market

Everyone has had a good idea but often times those ideas never leave the idea phase.  SCGO has recognized this problem and has decided that is time to bring those ideas to market again.  The Innovation Market that is.

On Thursday, February 17th SCGO will be holding the Innovation Market.  Along with building on existing ideas, the Market has been designed to cultivate a positive action in the community by connecting positive people and like-minded leaders, as well as showcase vacant buildings that might other wise go unnoticed.

The Innovation Market is a great way to get your idea heard, and to help others build on their ideas.  This is going to be such a fun event!  Networking, idea building, and you get to experience some great locations that you might have never known about.  You never know who will be there with the right connections to make your big idea a reality.  Help take part in the growth of Sioux City!

So don’t be shy, visit the Innovation Market page to get registered or submit an idea!

“This is our big idea, and soon it will be a reality, what’s yours?”


Katie Brannen
Social Media Intern

Everyday is Veteran’s Day

Giuntamo receiving award from Pres. Obama

Veterans Day may be in our past, but respect and recognition to the military should always be a thought that we hold day-to-day. On Veteran’s Day, the Chamber’s Chris McGowan, who served 6 years in the Air National Guard, made a guest appearance in the Des Moines Register, recognizing 2 Iowans for their courageous efforts in war.

Currently enlisted Salvatore Giunta of Hiawatha, Iowa, joined Col. Bud Day with receiving the highest military decoration with the Medal of Honor award.

Bud Day is a well recognized Iowan, being enlisted in the US Air Force and being held captive in a POW camp for 5 plus years, enduring resistance to torture in solitary confinement. Giunta, like Day showed tremendous courage by exposing himself to combat to rescue 2 soldiers in need. Read more about these 2 in Chris’s Guest Opinion.

–John Stanek
Social Media Intern

Community Focus!

Sioux City and the Chamber have recently been featured in a 7-page spread on IAbizOnline, an online exclusive magazine that features business and news going on in Iowa. Under the Community Focus section, the zine breezes through city monuments, community correspondence, history and thoughts on future investments.

The spread quotes many operators of the business of Iowa and Siouxland and gives compliments to the high economic development going on in our city. “Resurgent, Resilient Sioux City” is the tentative title given to the article. Go ahead and take a peak and read on vast assortments of Sioux City business and the showcased, Siouxland Initiative which has been voted in the top 10 economic development groups the last 2 years.

Download the PDF file here:

Community Focus: SiouxCity

–John Stanek
Social Media Intern

Best Tires (3) in the Nation!

I would like to make a congratulatory post, in-regards, to the people at Tires, Tires, Tires of Sioux City. Recently, Tires, Tires, Tires was honored with the 2010, Top-Shop Continental Award for the best tire dealer in North America. They received their award at the industry’s annual convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada last week.

Dan and Dale Nothdurft, chamber members, own stores in Sioux City and Sioux Falls area, and feel “honored and humbled” by the recognition. To go along with their silly radio-ads and always festively dressed tire-man, the crew has kept a good level of customer service to go along with proper car care.

Along with being great businessmen; Tires, Tires, Tires has always given back to their (our) community with charitable events, such as the recent care-packages being sent overseas for the Support Siouxland Soldiers, and always supporting a pink ribbon in October. They live not to just sell tires, but to promote safety and ensure satisfaction amongst the consumer spread.

Tire Review Magazine recently did a 10-page spread on the company, and kind of breaks down some of the business motives and ideas that have launched them into nationwide recognition. Take a look e-zine here!

With such acknowledgment from a national standpoint, let me be one, to speak on the behalf of Siouxland and say Congratulations to Dan and Dale for this prestigious award and thank you for all you do in our community! Keep up the terrific work!

–John Stanek
Social Media Intern

Halloween Happenings

It is only two days away from our favorite spooky holiday, and all involved with the scare tactics and eerie feelings will come about in the weekend. There is an assortment of Halloween activities in the next couple days including Haunted Houses, costume contests, trick-or-treat plans and much more. Here is a brief overview of activities to available to close out October.

Haunted Houses:

  • Nightmare on 4th Street/Fear Factory - Open til Midnight all through Sunday.
  • Grand Meadow Haunted House - 630th Street and D Avenue. 30-31st 7 to Midnight.
  • Ghost Bus TourFriday, Saturday, and Sunday. Take a tour through Sioux City and stumble upon places of paranormal activity. Departs at Rhonda’s Speak Easy, and lasts about an hour and a half.
  • Briar Cliff Haunted Tunnels – Tonight is the final night at the Heelan Hall. Closes at 10pm.

Trick –or-Treating Events:

  • Sioux City Public Museum - will hold a Halloween event for all historic-minded trick or treaters. Kids can stop by the historic Museum, 2901 Jackson St., from 6 to 8 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 31.
  • Southern Hills Mall – Mall wide, store-to-store Trick-or-Treat event. 6-8 on the 31st for children 13 and younger.
  • St. Thomas Episcopal Church - Trunk-or-Treat event from 5-6 on the 31st. Welcome to all the public.
  • Halloween at the “Y” – Sunday, 6-8 the Siouxland Y will be hosting an event for children with the Haunted Trail!

Other events being held this weekend:

  • IBP Ice Rink will have a ‘Halloween Skate’ from 1pm-3pm on Sunday. Costume contest at 2:30 with prizes of an iPod, Musketeer tickets, and free skating passes.
  • The classic film, Ghostbusters, will have an exclusive showing at the Orpheum Theater from 3pm-8pm on Sunday.
  • Zombie Walk will be held on Saturday. Gathering will happen around 5 for free make-up, and the walk beginning at 6.

Read the Sioux City Journal’s article on Halloween activities!

–John Stanek
Social Media Intern